Maintenance of rails and switches

Professional maintenance is an important preventive measure against wear caused by heavy rail traffic and serves to sustainably lengthen the service life of rails and switches in subway systems, tramways, light rail and mainline networks. This means you work more efficiently and your network runs according to schedule – safely, reliably and with a long life. Thanks to our highly mobile equipment, our teams are particularly flexible. They are quickly and efficiently able to manage the required welding and grinding work on rails, switches and track where access can be difficult.

We use the following welding processes to carry out the work on your tracks:

  • Submerged arc-welding
  • Manual arc-welding
  • Flux-cored wire welding
  • Repair welding process THERMIT® Head Repair

Our grinding processes for your individual requirements:

  • Manual grinding
  • Mobile rail grinding machine GP 4000 to restore the rail profile of heads and joints on flat bottom rails
  • Mobile reprofiling and deburring machine RAILSHAPE ECO
  • Road-rail grinding machines RAILSHAPE EXPERT


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