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RAILSTRAIGHT application: Integrating a virtual straight-edge

The electronic tram gauge RAILSTRAIGHT has been supplemented by a valuable assessment tool for inspecting the longitudinal profile of the rail. The straight-edge used in conventional acceptance testing has been integrated into the RAILSTRAIGHT application in the form of a virtual ruler. Because the real dimensions and centre of mass of the conventional straight-edge have been taken into account, the virtual ruler behaves in a way that is physically identical, so the results can be compared with no difficulties. In operation, the tool thus enables evaluation in accordance with EN 14730-2 as well as in accordance with the "Virtual straight-edge" evaluation created especially for DB Netz AG.

Following the measurement, the virtual straight-edge is overlaid on the height profile for the longitudinal section measured and automatically determines the gap width between the ruler and the section. A special feature here is the option to enter the thickness of the feeler gauge, enabling exact compliance with the current acceptance test set out in DB policy 824.8210, and the fact that the grades of the feeler blades used are represented graphically. Areas which lie outside the tolerance range are colour-coded by the software, enabling immediate assessment and rework on site. A separate additional measurement using a straight-edge is not required. All measurement results are documented for traceability in the RAILSTRAIGHT application and are available for further processing. 

Rail drilling machine RD 330 P: Excellent flexibility and ergonomics

The rail drilling machine RD 330 P enables fast and efficient drilling of the rail webs of flat bottom and grooved rails. This means that the rail drilling machine is the ideal companion for attaching insulated rail joints.

As one of the most lightweight machines on the market and with a well-balanced centre of gravity, the machine ensures outstanding ergonomics for the user and no difficulties in transportation. Furthermore, a powerful motor and a special clamping device enable very short process times and reliable attachment and removal of the machine. The extensive range of accessories, specially matched to the rail type in question, guarantee the utmost flexibility. You can obtain more information on the product from our Sales department.



Updated: Work instructions for the THERMIT® welding method

The processing of our consumable materials by your trained employees to create a high quality finished product must be performed in accordance with the latest version of our work instructions. 

A complete overview of our work instructions, sub-divided according to language and methods, is available here.

Your contact in the Technical Service or Sales departments will be happy to provide you with the requested version of the work instruction you require.



Apps support welding as digital worksite emerges

The emergence of connected devices and electronic documentation is starting to change the way infrastructure maintenance possessions are undertaken. Track welding is one area where a digital workflow is being implemented to improve the consistency and reliability of work.

Read the full article here.



Seminar in Teheran, Iran

The expansion and renewal of the Iranian rail network is currently being implemented through a variety of ambitious construction projects. Nearly every weld in the process is made using an aluminothermic process. Our long-standing representative ARTA RAIL IRSA Ltd. and Elektro-Thermit therefore issued invitations to a seminar in Tehran at which our THERMIT® expert Dr. Jörg Keichel spoke and faced questions from the specialist audience. The seminar at the headquarters of Iran Railways (RAI) was primarily attended by RAI technicians and by Iran-based customers, potential customers and partners of Elektro-Thermit.

In total, there were around 90 attendees, to whom Dr. Jörg Keichel gave a talk on the subject of THERMIT® welding. Key themes of the talk were how to weld switches, heavy haul, quality assurance, training opportunities for welders, and the new development of the preheating burner SMARTWELD JET. The attendees were very interested, leading to a lively discussion. Topics of particular interest were support from Elektro-Thermit in quality assurance for the training and inspection of welders, and the welding processes used in Iran.



Trade Fairs 2018

Once again next year we will be on hand with our product portfolio at both national and international trade fairs: 

Iran Rail Expo - 19-22/06/2018, Teheran, Iran

InnoTrans - 18-21/09/2018, Berlin, Germany


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