Thermit® News July 2017



Goldschmidt Thermit Group acquires Polish measurement technology specialist

The Goldschmidt Thermit Group continues to pursue its expansion strategy and has further extended its product range through acquisitions. The global leader in the area of rail joining and maintenance of railway systems has acquired the measurement technology specialist P.U.T. GRAW Sp. z o.o. based in Gliwice, Poland. 

”GRAW excellently complements the Goldschmidt Thermit Group with regard to the expansion of our digital and measurement strategy. We will benefit enormously from the development and production expertise in the area of measurement technology and especially in track geometry. Particularly in view of the increasing digitalization of the railways GRAW is an important addition to the group and a further important step towards the digital construction site“, explains Dr Hans-Jürgen Mundinger, CEO at Goldschmidt Thermit Group. 

P.U.T. GRAW Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1991 and is specialized in the development and production of intelligent, computer-controlled geometry measurement devices and systems for rails, switches, tracks and train wheels. GRAW also develops real-time track condition evaluation systems for track geometry vehicles, stationary wheel geometry control systems and diagnostic systems for predictive maintenance for track and for rolling stock wheels. Furthermore, GRAW has extensive experience in the development of software for the collection, processing, analysis and storage of measurement data.

”In the Goldschmidt Thermit Group we will be able to further grow and benefit from the excellent international network of the group in the global railway infrastructure market. Our products perfectly complement the product range of the Goldschmidt Thermit Group“, emphasizes Juliusz Grabczyk, former owner and President of GRAW. ”We have consciously decided in favour of the Goldschmidt Thermit Group because the company is setting standards in the field of digitalization and attaches great importance to the research and development of new tools and technical innovation. With our high-tech range of products, we fit perfectly within the group.”



Solutions for digitalisation of the construction site

From the innovative products SMARTWELD JET and SMARTWELD RECORD to reliable electronic tram gauges from the RAILSTRAIGHT series, at this year's iaf in Münster – the world's largest specialist trade fair for track technology – Elektro-Thermit presented solutions for the digitalisation of work processes in aluminothermic welding. 

With live presentations, the fascinated audience of professionals could see the added value of the SMARTWELD JET propane/air burner for themselves, and follow demonstrations of the GOLDSCHMIDT DIGITAL APP in action. The digital app documents all the process data during THERMIT® welding. The app stores the entire welding process, as set out in the work instruction for the THERMIT® welding process, and lets the welder work through it step by step. The data are recorded using a mobile device connected via Bluetooth and provided to the user as a PDF or CSV log. 

The SMARTWELD JET further automates the preheating process, thereby supporting flawless and reliable welding. As an extra bonus, elimination of the oxygen canisters creates a significant reduction in both weight and costs.

Using the SMARTWELD RECORD handle, you can also use the app to document the data for the entire THERMIT® welding process, including the parameters for preheating. This ensures that the THERMIT® weld is fully assessed and traceable.

Please contact our Sales team for more information. 



New training content ensures practical application

With the SMARTWELD RECORD and the SMARTWELD JET, Elektro-Thermit has developed innovations to help you improve your work processes and produce full documentation of the work steps taken when executing the THERMIT® welding.

These innovations are striking in that they are also very user-friendly, with intuitive operation. 

The new devices form part of the new training for the THERMIT® welding processes for flat bottom rails, SkV-Elite L25 and SoW-5. Training using the devices is quick and easy, and ensures straightforward introduction of the product and effortless use on the construction site.

If you have any questions, our Technical Service and our Sales team would be happy to help.

Information for the responsible welding supervisor

Because THERMIT® welding has fairly major safety implications, it is necessary that your personnel receive training. Only evidence of successful completion of a training course authorised by Elektro-Thermit ensures that your personnel are qualified to execute the THERMIT® welding process.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, during the preparation for and carrying out of training we need the collaboration and agreement of the responsible welding supervisor who is entrusting their employees to us for training.

Preparation for training includes aspects relating to personnel, technical materials and organisation. We will make these available to you in an information sheet on our website. Please read this in advance of scheduled training for your staff. 

If you have any questions, our Technical Service would be happy to help.

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Updated: work instructions for the Thermit® welding process

The processing of our consumables into high-quality end products by your trained employees can only be implemented using the current work instructions.

The complete overview of the work instructions, sub-divided according to language and methods are available here.

You can obtain the required version of the work instructions from your contact in the Technical Service or Sales department.


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