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At this year's InnoTrans from 20 to 23 September, Elektro-Thermit GmbH & Co. KG will be appearing under the slogan “Goldschmidt goes digital”, together with the subsidiaries of the Goldschmidt Thermit Group.

We will be presenting a custom-made portfolio of products and services together with digital innovations in the field of track superstructure and track maintenance from our international group of companies. Make the most of this opportunity to chat with our experts and see our latest developments in action.

You can find us at the Goldschmidt Thermit Group stand (Hall 25/stand 325) as well as in the outdoor display area at O/224. Together with our colleagues from the Goldschmidt Thermit Group we will be presenting the following digital developments:

One app for all digital product applications

Our many years of experience in the rail sector are a guarantee of excellent quality and first-rate service. Alongside this expertise, it is first and foremost our innovative, future-proof concepts for state-of-the-art technologies with digital interfaces for all the key processes that make us your number 1. Within the Goldschmidt Thermit Group we are already developing the digital foundations for the future, together with and for our customers.

The GOLDSCHMIDT DIGITAL APP gives you access to all the digital applications from the Goldschmidt Thermit Group. You can now use the app on any Android-based smartphone or tablet. The app has the following functions:

» Direct access to measurement results with on-screen evaluation
» Data export to CSV or PDF to send as an email attachment
» Data transfer via Bluetooth
» Direct access to databases of reference information for welds and measurements
» Intuitive user interface
» GPS positioning

Visit InnoTrans to discuss our latest digital innovations with the experts.

Automatic preheating for THERMIT® welding

The propane/air burner SMARTWELD JET optimises the work process by automatically preheating the THERMIT® weld without the need for compressed oxygen.

Omitting the heavy oxygen canisters makes handling the consumables considerably easier. Because the preheating happens automatically, the welder no longer has to perform the associated setup and monitoring tasks, eliminating a potential source of error from the welding process. This significantly improves both workplace safety on the construction site and the quality of the weld.

SMARTWELD JET records the preheating parameters and transfers them to the weld documentation created via the GOLDSCHMIDT DIGITAL APP.

By eliminating the outlay on logistics for compressed oxygen, reducing the workload on the welder and avoiding errors of execution, as well as creating the documentation directly, your welding activities will become more cost-efficient.

The SMARTWELD JET ensures a simplified and reproducible execution of the preheating process – guaranteeing a premium-quality weld.

Efficient documentation for quality control

The SMARTWELD RECORD records and documents the preheating parameters for THERMIT® welding via the GOLDSCHMIDT DIGITAL APP. The welder is given the specific individual steps for the THERMIT® welding in a user-friendly way and without errors. This both optimises use of welding materials and guarantees a high-quality execution of the weld. Using the GOLDSCHMID DIGITAL APP enables centralised storage and evaluation of the process parameters.

This means the SMARTWELD RECORD is a digital innovation, contributing towards to ensure documenting the high quality of the welding.

For more information, please come and talk to us at the trade fair; alternatively, please get in touch with your contact person in our Sales department directly.

Precision measuring for rail monitoring

Producing welded rail joints with flawless geometry and correct alignment of the rails are significant parameters for the service life of the welded joint. It therefore makes sense to document these factors – using reliable measuring technology.

Within the GOLDSCHMIDT DIGITAL APP, the RAILSTRAIGHT application provides for documentation of rail and rail joint straightness and corrugation measurements performed using the RAILSTRAIGHTS precision measurement devices. This ensures a sustainable reduction in wear to rails and wheels, and a significant increase in track safety and availability.

Further benefits of the digital app:

» Display of reports on the longitudinal profiles of running surface and gauge face, with support for user-defined specifications
» Creation of PDF and CSV reports for sending as email attachments from your mobile device
» Intuitive user interface with help texts on-screen
» Remote maintenance using log files and email
» GPS positioning

You can see the SMARTWELD JET, SMARTWELD RECORD and the RAILSTRAIGHTS in action during our presentations in the outdoor display area at O/224. Give us a call!


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