Responsibility for our future

Sustainable and long-term

The manufacture of our products is based on environmentally compatible technologies and on due compliance with guidelines and legislation. Here, the ecological and economically sensible use of raw materials and the use of recyclable materials are in the foreground. Our employees continually work to reduce waste and emissions as well as on reducing the consumption of energy and resources.

We have drawn together the actions involved in the development, production and marketing of our products and services into a set of quality and environmental guidelines. These are checked at regular intervals in compliance with ISO 14001 according to the international environ-mental management certification. Elektro-Thermit GmbH & Co. KG has held this certification since 2011, verifying our attitude towards the careful analysis of relevant environmental aspects and towards the ongoing reduction in the possible effect of these aspects on nature. In this way, we have accepted our responsibility for our fellow human beings and for the environment at all levels of our actions, sustainably and for the long term.


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