Track measuring to customer requirements.

Measureable success

Modern devices and state of the art technology is used to fulfil various measurement tasks and special work assignments, complemented by a broad and application-specific range of measuring devices. We develop most of the measurement technology ourselves. At all times we guarantee you maximum safety, high quality and availability of your tracks, preventive maintenance and improved comfort for passengers.

Absolute safety on the tracks and reliability of rails will continue to be one of our top priorities in future. We therefore place great emphasis on high quality instruments and measurement methods which are continually further developed and improved.

The advantages for our customers are clear: products with the latest technology which are well engineered and user-friendly while being robust and suitable for use in all seasons.

We offer a wide range of products for measurement technology including measurement of longitudinal profiles, surface condition and position of tracks combined with our service for stress-free temperature to determine rail stability.

Measurement technology - our portfolio:


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