Crucible Systems

As an end-to-end supplier for the aluminothermic welding we develop, produce and supply all components that are needed for the Thermit® welding process. Such as:

  • Welding compound ( Thermit®portions)
  • Refractory moulds
  • Crucibles

Single use crucible

Versatility in practice

The complete single use crucible I is ready to use and enables fast, flexible work. It ensures a high degree of process reliability, and therefore ensures the quality of the rail. The single use crucible I consists of a tin bucket with a fireproof crucible lining and an automatic tapping closure – other packaging is not required. The single use crucible, charged ex-factory with a Thermit® portion, is the safest version and is therefore the most frequently used version worldwide. A tightly closing cover prevents moisture from getting in.


Long-life crucible

Economical and sustainable

The long-life crucible is designed to be used several times. It ensures safe execution of the Original Thermit® weld, is cost-effective and also environmentally friendly. A tapping thimble, which opens for every Thermit® weld to be used, ensures a safe welding process. To increase the crucible volume for wide gap welds, a larger crucible extension ring is available.



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