Crucible Systems

As an end-to-end supplier for the aluminothermic welding we develop, produce and supply all components that are needed for the Thermit® welding process. Such as:

  • Welding compound ( Thermit®portions)
  • Refractory moulds
  • Crucibles

Single use crucible

Single use crucible for Thermit® welds


  • Optimization of operational procedures due to less weight and easier handling compared with long-life crucible
  • Applicable for all rail profiles and grades
  • Crucibles can be used for the disposal of welding residues after welding is completed
  • Reduced likelihood of welding errors because – unlike with long-life crucibles – there is no need to dry and to prepare the crucible before use


  • Single use
  • The base incorporates a device for automatic tapping
  • Charged or uncharged available
  • Standard and wide-gap welds possible
  • Use for work in tunnels with appropriate filter attachment
  • Portion and crucible lining are protected against humidity

Long-life crucible

Multiple-use crucible for Thermit® welds


  • Years of success with this proven long-life crucible system
  • Universally applicable, as all portion sizes can be welded
  • All components of the long-life crucible system can be ordered separately
  • Highly economical thanks to multiple use


  • Crucible needs to be cleaned after an average of 15 castings
  • Up to 25 castings can be performed with one lining before this has to be replaced (depending on the portion size used / welding process)
  • For welding wide gaps (L75) a higher crucible extension ring is offered in order to increase the volume of the crucible
  • Contains an automatic tapping thimble



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