Tools & equipment for Thermit® welding

In addition to the consumables, we also provide special machines, devices and accessories for performing the various Thermit® welding processes for all types of track, e.g.

  • Flame cutting and preheating, autogenous technology
  • Aligning the rail joint
  • Work equipment for performing the various Thermit® welding processes, e.g. mould shoes, slag pans, clamping devices, preheating burners
  • Machining the rail joint after performing a Thermit® weld 

You can find a comprehensive overview in our accessories catalogue Original Thermit®

Hydraulic trimming units U-L series

Removing excess weld metal

The hydraulic trimming unit comprises a weld trimmer with shearing blades and a drive unit. You can combine your required configuration according to the module system principle. Our trimming units are ideal for removing excess weld metal on flat bottom, grooved and crane rails. The lightweight and long-lasting weld trimmers ensure safe and rapid working based on the rail profile. This reduces the workload required for any subsequent grinding work.


Automatic preheating of the Thermit® weld

The Smartweld Jet preheating device from Goldschmidt guarantees the reliable and reproducible execution of the preheating process, ensuring consistently high quality Original Thermit® welds. This device makes your work processes both easier and safer. With automatisation and simplified operation prevents execution errors that are costly to rectify.



Petrol compressed air blower for preheating Thermit® welds

The powerful petrol/compressed air blower for preheating Thermit® welds can operate without technical gases, making it a good alternative to traditional preheating burners that are operated with fuel gases. Thanks to the good heat input the preheating times change only slightly. The Smartweld Petrol is also ideal for working underground.



Safe ignition of Original Thermit® portions

The Smartweld Spark provides safe, glare-free initial ignition of Thermit® portions and is an alternative to typical igniters. The specially developed battery allows for maximum practicality, so reliability is ensured for at least 20 ignitions. Therefore, a battery change is not required during a standard shift. 


Profile Grinder GP 1800 E

Light and flexible

Achieve exceptional results after welding with profile-accurate precision machining of the rail head. The GP 1800 E profile grinder can be used for all rail profiles and is particularly ideal for work in tunnels where the use of combustion engines is not  ermitted. Its light weight makes it particularly useful when machining crane rails at height.


Profile Grinder GP 3600 P4

Ergonomic and precise

After welding, achieve standard-compliant welding results when recreating profile-precision rail heads and rail joints on flat-bottom and grooved rails. The GP 3600 P4 profile grinder impresses with an ergonomic construction and short setup times, whilst offering high metal removal rate. 



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