Insulated rail joints

Insulated rail joints are used to form the block sections required for track vacancy detection system. We produce and market various types of insulated joints with different properties according to the type of force application, installation and manufacture. Their common advantages are: they offer the highest safety, reliability and durability – in all climates. All our insulated joints are manufactured from steel or polymer composites.

Insulated rail joint type ETW 1

For the preparation of insulated joints


The Glued Insulated Rail Joint (IRJ) ETW 1 guarantees electrical separation of a rail section for signal and safety purposes in track. The ETW 1 is a highly resistant joint assembled under factory conditions using high-tech insulation material and fastening components. Thanks to excellent quality the ETW 1 is successfully installed worldwide in heavy haul tracks, in high traffic areas and in different climate conditions for more than 20 years. It is available for most commonly used rail profiles.

Insulated rail joint type MT

On-site assembly for eceptional flexibility

The insulated rail joint MT is set up directly in the track on-site using a prefabricated kit. The otherwise required additional welding of a fitting rail is no longer necessary. Thanks to quick and easy assembly, only short operational breaks are necessary. The insulated rail joint MT is proven over time on Deutsche Bahn rails and has been successfully used by many railways worldwide.



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