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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Coronavirus remained in focus in 2021, however, there is now hope that the worst of the pandemic will soon be over.

This is thanks to the unprecedented commitment and global cooperation of research, politics and business which has enabled the provision of vaccines for us all in a very short time.

It is this very spirit of international cooperation which has characterised Goldschmidt for more than 125 years. We combine our synergies across borders and cultures to develop solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. In the coming year, with our products and services, we will continue to contribute towards shaping the future of the railway network – together with you and our local contact persons.

For the upcoming holidays we wish you a pleasant time with your loved ones and a lot of success and contentment for the new year.


Process for welding on extreme inclines

Peak Tram Hong Kong is a funicular railway on Hong Kong Island with an incline of up to 48%. Renovating these rails is therefore particularly challenging.

The tracks of the funicular railway were completely renovated this year. Our client was tasked with executing the aluminothermic welds. The challenge of these welds lies in the incline of the rails, which is extreme in some parts.

Elektro-Thermit supplied the welding materials required and the necessary equipment. Thermit® portions, casting moulds and mould shoes were adapted for this. Various test welds were performed and parameters and components of the process optimised at the same time. The last adaptations were made under the actual conditions on site.

Since then, all the welds have been straightened — and everything is back on track! The Smartweld Jet was used to preheat the Thermit® weld. The jet is particularly well-suited to difficult terrains and guarantees that the preheating operation is executed safely.

Do you have any queries regarding our portfolio of products? Please contact our Sales department.


Supply of welding kits and equipment

Elektro-Thermit delivers welding materials for the modernisation of the railway line.

The Egyptian National Railway project includes the modernisation of the stretches from Zagazig to Abu Kebir (north of Cairo) and from Benha to Port Said, a strategic port at the northern end of the Suez Canal in the Mediterranean Sea. Elektro-Thermit supplied welding kits for the maintenance operations on the track superstructure last year and another delivery is currently underway.

Representatives of the Egyptian National Railway and the client accepted the welds (Factory Assurance Test) at the start of November. The requirements for weld acceptance were very high. In addition to the standard evaluations, additional tests stipulated by the Egyptian Railway were also administered.

The Egyptian National Railway and the client were completely satisfied, with the welds meeting all their requirements.


Working instructions for the Thermit® welding method

The processing of our consumable materials by your trained employees to create a high quality finished product must be performed in accordance with the latest version of our work instructions.

A complete overview of our work instructions, sub-divided according to language and methods, is available here. Your contact in the Technical Service or Sales departments will be happy to provide you with the requested version of the work instruction you require.


Become part of our team

As an international employer in the rail industry, we offer varied crisis- and future-proof jobs.

Our products and our expertise can be found in almost all rail networks worldwide. As a world-leading provider for Thermit® welding, we also offer many other products and services for modernising and maintaining rail networks. We are part of the Goldschmidt group — an innovative, modern and global group of companies that can count over 20 sites worldwide.

We offer varied and long-term prospects for both career starters and experienced hires. Become part of our team.

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Setting benchmarks for 125 years

On March 13, 1895, Prof. Hans Goldschmidt received the Imperial Patent No. 96317. This patent is the basis for the Original Thermit® welding process, still used worldwide. Railway projects worldwide rely on innovations around Thermit®.

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